Day 28, Sunday, March 23, At Sea, Crystal Serenity

The Crystal Symphony is at sea from Andaman Islands to Port Kelang (Kuala Lampur), Malaysia. The MS Amsterdam is hot on my heels in Port Louis, Mauritius.

Sunday was a laundry day, a busy sea day, and blessed by some of the best weather of the voyage. Yesterday’s busy seas became much quieter overnight and my walk took a bit longer than usual due to my laundry room diversions but went very well.

The morning started out with a very homey touch when Chaplain Voosen’s interdenominational worship opened with one of my congregations favorite hymns We Are Marching in the Light of God (Siyahamba). An activity packed morning continued with presentations by Ken Rees on Durban and Port Elizabeth and by Rob Caskie on the 1879 Battle of Isandlwana, perhaps the greatest defeat by British Colonial troops in their colonial history. I had 2 tours booked in Port Elizabeth and both were cancelled, but it looks like I can now see the sights in my own walking tour.

In his noon update Captain Vorland reported we are making have some helpful currents and are making better time than required for an ontime arrival, picking up the pilot about 6AM. Our nearest point of land is now the continent of Africa. Lunch today was in the form of a Viennese Brunch Buffet served in the Crystal Cove.

My afternoon was a bit less hectic with Bill Toone speaking about “Witness to Extinction” dealing with the changing migration patterns of the Monarch Butterfly and the close call of the California Condor. That and afternoon tea in Palm Court still left me with some time to relax, write, and recuperate. The final afternoon activity was the last Medal Presentation and closing ceremony for the World Cruise Games. The ceremony started with a song by the Crystal Chorus and a dance interlude with Beverly and Curtis plus a post-ceremony by the Ensemble. Several of my fellow Cruise Critic earned medals, and the Trivia Winners had to be called up team by team rather than having all 3 winners side by side as the podium was quite small. After the medals were awarded our 2 youngest participants were recognized.

This was the final Elegant Casual night of the cruise; there is just one Black Tie Optional night and the rest are Resort Casual. I do not expect to see one of our members again as she goes on an overland Safari tomorrow.

The evening entertainment was a new act to me, Singing Comedy Impressionist Scott Record I think Karen Grainger does the same thing better in Diva, but Scott is very good. We gain another hour tonight (I suspect the last of this cruise), giving me a chance to drop in on Colin Salter in the Avenue Saloon.

As today’s parting shot my first World Cruise Games are now concluded. Overall they seem to have been quite successful, with the only significant hitch being rough seas closing the pool for a couple days during the lap swimming competition. Dain Blanton’s first visit to Crystal as has been very engaging and involved and I suspect he will be back for future World Cruise Games.


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1 Response to Day 28, Sunday, March 23, At Sea, Crystal Serenity

  1. Terry Markowitz says:

    Thank you Roy for allowing me to follow along. I enjoy your writing and great pictures. Terry

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