Day 62, Saturday, April 26, At Sea, MS Amsterdam

The Crystal Symphony is in Nagasaki, Japan. The Crystal Serenity is in Monaco.

Normally, when On Deck for a Cause is held I would walk just 3 miles in the morning and 3 more at the event. Today’s event overlapped the Protestant devotions, so I walked my full 5 miles in the morning and an additional 3 laps after devotions. I did my final laundry today, finishing the walk and the laundry just after 7.

The walk (or what I saw of it) was pretty dead and sparsely attended, likely because there had been several others since the World Cruise started. I saw only a handful of walkers on deck and there were refreshments in the Atrium afterwards. I saw very few takers although I was only there a few minutes. A new lecturer (apparently a one and done), Dr. Keith Nurse, spoke on “Caribbean Carnivals”, with an emphasis on Trinidad. When I left the lecture the “Cause” refreshment table was being taken down.

Tom Goltz had a program at 2PM on the Spanish American War. Most of the rest of the day was devoted to packing, and one other action that may not be quite right. I normally spend Christmas with my family in Central Florida, and the Ryndam has a New Years cruise out of Tampa that fits with that and also gets me back home before my volunteer responsibilities resume in January. When my booking came back, it was for Christmas week. I went back to the Future Cruise person and it will hopefully be straightened out.

At a closing cocktail party in the Queens Lounge there were a number of tributes and speeches including a recap of the ports by Barbara and a comedy sequence where most of the senior staff received pies in the face, except for the shore excursion manager who was accosted with about a dozen stickers. There was a “Chef’s Dinner”, but without the usual round of introductions, just a dignified meal. The evening entertainment was comedienne Rita Rudner. She was pretty good. The Piano Bar was a bit sad as it was an evening of farewell songs.

Today’s parting shot has another local ring. I see in the news digest Michael Phelps has gotten off to a good start in his quest to return to competition. Despite some youthful indiscretions, Phelps has been a tremendous asset to Maryland. Best wishes for another great Olympics, Michael.


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