Day 65, Tuesday, April 29, Return Home

Regrettably, I must now add one more ship to this list. The MS Amsterdam is at Half Moon Cay, Bahamas The Crystal Symphony is in Shimzu, Japan. The Crystal Serenity is in Livorno, Italy.

We have continued to play cat and mouse with our schedule. I woke about 6 and we were on time, but we were back 20 minutes late by the next stop. The issue was signal problems, it was too foggy to see the rising sun but that did not delay us.

At breakfast I dined across the aisle from a couple who had cruised out of Miami, the Silver Star is quite well timed for returning cruisers. We continued across the Carolinas and Virginia, while we were under way I accomplished a lot on my compilation of views of Amsterdam limited view cabins. The final meal for a while not my responsibility was a nice lunch burger, and soom we’ll cross the Potomac and ready for the final brief leg. I stepped off the train in Richmond, and it’s clear we’re not in Florida any more. I had packed my sports coat while waiting in Ft. Lauderdale, but will want it for the final transfer.

Richmond was the last stop where the Silver Star picks up new passengers, and from there on the train goes as fast as possible, even if ahead of schedule. We were just about on time in Washington where we switched locomotives to electric power. We had a few minutes to stretch there but it was raining quite hard and I stepped off only briefly. We arrived in Baltimore at 3:55, about 20 minutes early, with a drizzle as I entered the station. The Airport Shuttle was waiting at the door, and I was home about 4:30.

Extended trips are wonderful, but there sure is a price to pay on return. I
I’ve spent about an hour just sorting accumulated mail to 2 large batches of junk and another 6 inches of stuff I really need to look at, that will keep me busy for a while.


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