Sometimes we don’t start out planning to do things but plans kind of suggest themselves.  This trip started with knowledge that the Crystal Symphony and Crystal Serenity meet very infrequently, and that one of those meetings would be  March 11, 2014 in Singapore.  I started with a desire to transfer there from one ship to the other, and the best itinerary seemed to be Bali to Singapore on the Crystal Symphony, and Singapore to Cape Town on the Crystal Serenity.  Continuing on the Serenity beyond Cape Town was beyond my budget and I was dreading the prospect of a long flight home from Africa.  A look at cruise schedules brought a welcome surprise.  Holland America’s Amsterdam was calling on Cape Town just 3 days after I disembarked and in 4 glorious weeks weeks would return me to the US at a price I could afford.

I leave home February 25 with a 2-night stopover in Seoul.  I land in Bali late on the 27th.  On February 28 I start 10 nights on the Crystal Symphony, then 18 on the Crystal Serenity, disembarking in Cape Town on March 28.  After 3 nights on land, I board the Amsterdam for 27 nights, visiting Namibia, St. Helena, Gambia, Senegal, Cape Verde, Barbados, Dominca, and St. Martin before my arrival in Fort Lauderdale.  With one night on Amtrak’s Silver Star, the journey will be concluded.


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