Day 25. Thursday, March 20, Port Louis, Republic of Mauritius

The Crystal Symphony is in Yangon, Myanmar. The MS Amsterdam is in Mahe, Seychelles.

The near full moon returned for a 3rd day. I took an abbreviated 6-lap walk today, finishing just before sunrise with the sun finding a tiny hole in the clouds lining the horizon. By that time the faint lights in the distance had also become a clear vista of land, the first in a week. Our approach to Port Louis was quite straightforward and we were alongside the dock about 8.

My tour was at 8:15, and an immigration inspection was required before that could happen. I was given a time of 8AM in the Stardust Club, and I went down about 7:50 to a line reaching the Hollywood Theater. I thought the immigration officials might board with the pilots, but they came in about 8:05 Once they started work the line moved petty quickly, my tour was called shortly after my 8:30 arrival at the Galaxy Lounge. This is very much a cargo port, there was a Crystal Shuttle to town but no clearly defined walking path out of the port. As we left on the bus we weaved our way among an array of containers.

My tour was called “Port Louis Highlights and Eureka Colonial House. The 1830 mansion was a long flat structure with a separate kitchen. The couple had 17 children with the eldest son getting his own room on the ground floor and the other 16 placed in dormitory style accommodations upstairs. Light refreshments were served there. We returned to town and La Citadel, a British Fortress which guards she harbor with stunning views. We spent 45 minutes at the downtown market. It was too much for me and I spent most of the time exploring the area. We were less than half a mile from the ship, but across the water and not within walking distance. Our final stop was the Tamil Temple, a temple that had a very buddhist feel but with an assortment of gods and shrines. We returned to the ship just before 1.

I heard the high temperature in Port Lewis was 36C/96F. It didn’t feel that bad but it was hot, and I spent the afternoon within the air conditioned confines of the ship, with a trip up to Afternoon Tea in Palm Court.

I have a feeling the heat took a toll on people generally. All aboard was at 5:30, and I turned the TV to the bridge view about 5:20, I never heard an announcement from Captain Vorland but at 5:38 I felt some vibrations and noticed movement on the bridge view. I went out on deck quickly with Louis singing as I got on deck. I stayed on deck for our sail out of the harbor reaching open water just in time for dinner.

Table 102 was only half full tonight. Lorri’s friend was feeling under the weather after a 90 minute walk in the heat at a nature reserve, Christine has moved to another table with a friend who boarded in Port Lewis, and we didn’t hear from the other 2. I enjoyed a lovely baked ham.

The evening entertainment was a big band session in the Stardust Club with the Galaxy Orchestra featuring Sarah Hughes one of 2 singers apparently brought on to supplement the World Cruise entertainment team.

Today’s post is a bit late. When I returned from the show last night I essentially started nodding off at my computer and only finished the post during Rick and Stacy’s morning show. I’m afraid I no longer have the energy I once did. Getting old is no bed of roses, but still I like it much better than the alternative.


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