Day 57, Monday, April 21, At Sea, MS Amsterdam

The Crystal Symphony is at sea from Dalian to Shanghai, China. The Crystal Serenity is in LeVerdon, France.

After rising a little before 5, my walk was delayed as I had my first success in nearly a week logging into Cruise Critic and spent about a half hour online. It was a clear morning but I did not quite make it for sunrise between the time zone change and my delayed start. I finished my walk about 7:30.

This was a bit of a departure from the normal rhythm of sea days with neither of the regular lecturers presenting. After morning devotions Gene interviewed Marty Henne on Good Morning Amsterdam and Barbara gave her talk on our final 2 ports, Dominica and St. Maarten at 10. There was a Mongolian cookout on the Lido Deck but today was the day for Mariners Brunch for the 3-star and under mariners. I shared a table with 2 other segmenters and 3 people on the full World Cruise who had limited HAL experience. I had the berry soup and beef tenderloin.

In the afternoon there was a souvenir market in the Atrium but the main event was the Passenger Talent Show in the Queens Lounge. There were 14 acts of various quality, and 3 official numbers by the Guest Choir, followed by Happy Birthday for cruise Director Gene.

The evening entertainment was the Action Comedy of Michael James. He did some juggling, but mostly tricks on a unicycle (including carrying a lady on his back), and on a freestanding ladder (juggling knives on the ladder). Debby Bacon held her final session of Singo tonight. I was eventually a winner on As Time Goes By.

This evenings parting shot is a slightly belated Happy Birthday wish for Cruise Director Gene Young. May you have many more.


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