Day 54, Friday, April 18, Mindelo, Cape Verde At Sea, MS Amsterdam

The Crystal Symphony is in Dalian, China. The Crystal Serenity is completing her World Cruise in Southampton, England.

While we are in the tropics the trade winds have kept the temperatures very comfortable. This was my second consecutive walk under near complete cloud cover but the sun finally did announce it’s presence around breakfast time.

Our Good Friday devotions in the Hudson Room were standing room only despite a conflict with “Good Morning Amsterdam” in an equally packed Wajang Theater with Gene interviewing Captain Mercer.

At 10 we met the second lecturer to come aboard in Cape Verde. Tom Goltz opened his series with “Columbus: Separating Myth from Fact”. In the afternoon Jill Eyers continued her presentations with a lecture on Volcanos considering the types of volcano and what the dangers are.

I had a pretty quiet afternoon with just Jill Eyers’ lecture on my schedule. At his daily update Captain Mercer reported we had recently passed “Rocky Seamount. While we are generally riding on 3 miles of water this under sea mountain rose to about 600 feet below the surface, quite a formidable undersea mountain. It will be a bit warmer but still mid-70’s F. (mid-20’s C).

At dinner we had cake and champaign in celebration of HAL’s birthday and little bears on our beds afterwards. My fellow blogger is reported to be somewhat improved but still not up to dinner. The evening entertainment was Singer, Pianist, and Raconteur Marty Henne with “I Got Gershwin” featuring songs and stories of the Gershwin Brothers. It was a very good show.

Today’s parting shot comes from a small note in “On Location”. This is the 141st birthday for Holland America. Much has changed in the past 141 years since the “dam” ships carried mostly immigrants and the “dyke” ships carried a mix of people and cargo. While people may lament some of the changes in all those years, most of their competitors from the distant past are relics from the dustbins of history. Going to the “Ann Landers Question”, “are you better off with him/her/it than without” the answer to that question is clear to me. Happy Birthday, Holland America.


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