Day 53, Thursday, April 17, At Sea, MS Amsterdam

The Crystal Symphony is at sea from Shanghai to Dalian, China. The Crystal Serenity is at sea from Lisbon, Portugal to Southampton, England.

Well, if today was Groundhog Day Phil would not have seen his shadow. I actually woke about 4:30 and took care of business online (except I still cannot get into Cruise Critic). It had been very windy when we left Mindelo but the winds are now coming from behind us and our speed is making them feel more manageable. I was out soon enough to finish my walk by 7.

As part of our Holy Thursday devotions communion was served although the service was shortened a bit by the weekly crew drill. Barbara had her talk on Barbados and Castries at 10, and a new lecturer, Jill Eyers, presented “Birth of an Ocean” on the separation of Africa from South America to create the Atlantic Ocean.

The highlight of the afternoon was the Indonesian Crew Show. These shows are usually held late at night and moderately attended but today it was absolutely proven that the Queens Room cannot seat everybody at once. I ended up joining about 3 other people camped out on a little platform at the port wing of the stage. I could see but was looking almost directly sideways at the stage. It was the usual superb show with the Angklung Orchestra playing My Way as well as the usual Spanish Eyes.

All but one of us were present for dinner at table 311. For those who have been on the world cruise from the beginning concerns about packing are taking hold. The evening entertainment was the “Incognito Artists”, 3 singers whose repertoire leaned towards opera.

Tonight’s parting shot is a note of concern for fellow blogger Pat (gowithme). She had back spasms today and was in too much pain to make it to dinner. May healing come your way quickly.


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