Day 49, Palm Sunday, April 13, Crossing the Equator At Sea, MS Amsterdam, Formal

The Crystal Symphony is at sea from Xiamen, China to Shanghai, China. The Crystal Serenity is in Agadir, Morocco.

Update on Saturday night: I did not get to Jeff Peterson’s show but did see Andy Bunger’s “Classic Rock. It was his interpretation of many classical pieces, mostly on percussion and opening with one of my favorites, Bach’s Toccata in D Minor. I thought it was one of the best shows of the cruise. Singo continued in the piano bar until virtually everybody had completed their cards. I was one of the last, filling all but 7 of the numbers before getting a line; number 36 would have completed all my rows, down, across and diagonally at once, but that turned out not to be my final number.

My Saturday internet experience was very poor, and I went on line first thing Sunday morning, delaying the end of my walk until just after 7:30. It was cloudy around the horizon but the rising sun did find a small space to shine through.

At the Palm Sunday service Pastor Don confirmed that he and Father Bob have agreed on a sunrise Easter service, on the Lido Deck aft, conditions permitting.

Both of our current lecturers are leaving us in Cape Verde. John Palmisano’s final presentation was “The Magnificent Seven”, highlighting the special biological features of each of the world’s great sea regions. In the afternoon Dan Benedict spoke of the Travelers Century Club and their rules for getting to what they recognize as 321 “countries” (While they claim some rules they go by I don’t recognize the US, Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, and Prince Edward Island all as separate “countries”. He compared that list to the destinations Holland America in general and this World Cruise have visited. He will do a final skywatch program the morning we arrive in Mindelo as a lunar eclipse is expected. The Future Cruise Consultants also put on a program of 2014 and 2015 future plans. I finished my day’s activities off with tea in the Crows Nest. It is a lovely location; I wish it were big enough for the number of people who come to the special (e.g. cupcake) teas.

It sounds like most formal nights on the Amsterdam World Cruise are theme nights with special decorations in the dining room. That was missing, but when I looked at the original program the theme was supposed to be the Equator Crossing which actually happened a couple of days ago. Sans decorations, we enjoyed seeing each other across the table. Most of us had the Alaskan King Crab while I went for the Chicken Kiev. After dinner Rifqi and Heri had left a lovely ceramic plate on the bed.

The evening entertainment was vocalist Karl Morgan, a young Welsh chap who did mostly songs from the 50’s. As today’s parting shot, I don’t see a lot of news but I did enjoy looking at North American temperatures. Welcome Spring.


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