Day 48, Saturday, April 12, At Sea, MS Amsterdam

The Crystal Symphony is in Xiamen, China. The Crystal Serenity is at sea from Dakar, Senegal to Agadir, Morocco.

It’s been a frustrating day. I did stay up to watch our equator crossing, which happened at 11:38PM and tried one of the things covered in the computer speedup class. I ran the disk checker on my netbook, and the computer has been essentially useless since. I was able to get into safe mode and copy my user files to a thumb drive but nothing else is working. The one thing I was unable to recover was my email list for these reports, so if somebody is getting them and doesn’t want them, please let me know.

I actually got up a little before 5 but my morning walk was extended another half hour between running a load of laundry and fighting with the netbook. It was a cloudy morning and I never actually saw the sun until a half hour past sunrise, and there were periods of rain through the day.

There is a Dentist on board and he helps out as the accompanist at the Protestant devotions. There are crew drills at 9:30 Saturday mornings, and today we started the closing hymn with Dr. Joe at the keyboard but finished acapella.

There was a typical sea day lecture schedule with Barbara’s port talk on Cape Verde at 10, Dan Benedict on “Southern Constellations of Lacaille” at 11, and John Palmisano on “Across the North Atlantic” at 2. I attended Barbara’s talk but was distracted by computer issues during the other two.

Afternoon tea on the World Cruise has been mostly in the Crow’s Nest, but today’s Cupcake Tea was in the dining room with a superb assortment of goodies.

There’s an entertainment double bill with Magician Jeff Peterson and Multi-Instrumentalist Andy Bunger, plus Debby Bacon is doing another round of “Singo” in the piano lounge. I will likely try to post and turn in early.

As today’s parting shot we have both Passover and Palm Sunday coming up. Here’s a wish for a great holiday for those who celebrate either.


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