Day 43, Monday, April 7, At Sea, MS Amsterdam

The Crystal Symphony is at sea from Da Nang Vietnam to Hong Kong. The Crystal Serenity is in Takoradi, Ghana.

After being on South Africa time since March 23, I gained an hour for the second consecutive night, and sunrise came soon after 6AM. It was a cloudy day but the clouds were thin enough that the rising sun’s glow came through. I was not happy with the way eggs were done in the lido here (much better and equally good on Crystal and the Prinsendam), so I went down to the dining room for my ham omelet.

Whatever the reason, the Hudson room was packed to capacity today for Pastor Don’s devotions. It is usually about half full. When it ended “Good Morning Amsterdam” was still in progress in the Wajang Theater with Astronomy Lecturer Dan Bennett as Guest.

The norm for sea days has that our 2 speakers give presentations at 10 and 2 unless Barbara does a 10AM port talk, then the morning presentation is at 11. Today’s presentations were John Palmisano on Penguins at 10 and Dan Benedict on “Invasion from Earth: Space Exploration from Sputnik to 1984”.

I’m not really big on specialty restaurants. Today was just my 3rd Pinnacle Grill visit, all lunches to date, and the first time in Pinnacle outside the Prinsendam. I prefer the Prinsendam’s Pinnacle. The 2 restaurants themselves are equally nice but Amsterdam’s has no view. The burger was very good but entirely too big.

When I returned from dinner there was a welcome flyer from Tourism St. Helena in the mail slot. The evening entertainment was Multi-Instrumentalist Andy Bunger, preceded by a session of Majority Rules. Dan Benedict held stargazing sessions at 9:15 and 11:00 up on the sports deck, although the clouds did not cooperate. While up on deck I stopped by the Crow’s Nest and decided the Katherine Stone Band was not my style.

As today’s parting shot, congratulations to the Afghan people for a great election turnout. I hope your decision was a wise one.

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