Day 23, Tuesday, March 18, At Sea, Crystal Serenity

The Crystal Symphony is in Yangon, Miramar. The MS Amsterdam is at sea from Colombo to Mahe, Seychelles.

I can’t believe I’ve now been on the Crystal Serenity for a week. Where has the time gone?

I “cheat” a bit on my daily walks. I walk the entire distance but the first lap I walk from the forward stairs to the back of the ship on deck 12, stopping in the lido for coffee rather than on deck 7. I doubled on my cheating today as the Seahorse pool was thrashing violently as I passed, and at the end of my final lap I walked on deck 13 to have another look at the still stirring pool. I never understood what the pool water was doing since the ship didn’t seem to be moving much, but the water was still sloshing badly. Reflections indicated lap swimming was continuing in the World Cruise Games but I never saw the pool opened.

The morning weather changed very rapidly. There was a shower on my first lap but by lap 4 the full moon was shining very nicely. There were clouds on the horizon but it didn’t take the morning sun long to find an opening. Toward the end of the walk there was a rainbow off the starboard side.

I had a relaxing morning with no 9AM commitments. There were 3 Crystal Visions Enrichment Programs, as well as World Cruise Games events in Paddle Tennis, Chess, Sudoku, and Team Trivia. Rick Senat started things off with “Warner Brothers-The Assembly Line”. Ambassador Tony Leon followed at 11 with “From Apartheid to Democracy and Beyond”, actually starting with how Apartheid came to be and covering a full 100 years of South African History. We have (at least) 2 children on board and they were seen playing this morning in the Crystal Cove.

In his noon update Captain Vorland confirmed we are now running with a 4th generator. Based on our progress it wouldn’t surprise me if we go back to 3 at some time but that wasn’t mentioned. Our nearest land is Rodriguez Island. The afternoon Crystal Visions presentation was a complete change of pace, from a hundred years history to today’s events. Special Interest Lecturer Carmin Romanelli presented “2014 Winter Olympic Photography from Sochi”. He had some very nice shots and views of how the cameras were placed but also seemed more interested in selling his company than enlightening us. A fair presentation. My afternoon concluded with Mozart Tea in Palm Court, with both the waiters and the Astoria String Quartet in Period dress.

The second of 3 World Cruise Games medal presentations was made at 5:30 in the Crystal Cove. Unlike the regular Olympics most of the teams winning represented 2 nations on the team. Keith from Cruise Critic was awarded a silver medal in the Basketball Free Throw event. The Gold medal was presented by Olympian Dane Blanton, the Silver by Captain Vorland, and the Bronze by Rick Spath.

There were only 5 of us present at table 102 tonight as the other 3 were in Prego. Laurie, our injured member was out and around the ship by wheel chair and was in Prego. The evening entertainment was musical comedian Steve Stevens in the Stardust Club. I only caught the end of his first show after dinner; having seen him perform twice on the Symphony I did not feel the need of another full show. I was happy with that decision when I learned that he will be part of tomorrow’s variety show. I did stop by the Avenue Saloon on my way back from the show, but hope to be in bed early tonight.

Today’s parting shot will be a simple message of congratulations to all the World Cruise Games winners, but especially to Keith.


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