Day 20, Saturday, March 15, At Sea, Crystal Serenity

The MS Amsterdam is in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The Crystal Symphony is in Penang, Malaysia.

I had a severe bout of coughing overnight which was mostly quieted by a salt water gargle, and the cough was completely absent during my five mile morning walk. After gaining an hour overnight sunrise was early, about 5:40. It was behind a large cloud but appeared about 5:55 and quickly became so intense that I reversed direction on my final lap and walked away from the sun on the sunny side. It was a very variable weather day, quite hot but with alternating periods of sun, clouds, and rain. Towards the end of the walk a school of dolphins was playing off the starboard side.

On most Crystal Cruises Catholic Priests do a fine job of covering interdenominational services, but on the world cruise there are both Protestant and Jewish chaplains. This is my second cruise with Pastor Ed Voosen and my 3rd with Rabbi Morris Hershman. They alternate with morning programs on most sea days and “Rap with the Rabbi is a program which welcomes all. The theme today was the book of Esther and preparation for the Jewish celebration of Purim. The Rabbi’s explanation was good but quite a convoluted story and I had to read it a second time to really get it.

There was one each morning and afternoon Crystal Visions Enrichment presentations. At 10 Special Interest lecturer Bill Toone presented “Gorillas in our Midst”, the story of the great apes living in the African Cloud Forest of Uganda. It is the second time I’ve sailed with Toone after my 2012 Panama Canal cruise.

The morning concluded with a dance session featuring the Galaxy Orchestra. In his noon update Captain Vorland indicated we were about 240 miles from the nearest land. My lunch today was in the Trident Grill.

The Crystal Visions afternoon presentation was explorer Rona Cant with a talk and video on her BT Challenge Round the World Yacht Race. I had a bit of time to relax until afternoon tea with the Astoria Strings. During the day the World Cruise Games were continuing with paddle tennis (during Toone’s talk), table tennis, scrabble and a relay race that I didn’t see in the schedule. The first awards ceremony was held in Victory Park (Crystal Plaza). I missed it due to having reservations for the Magic Castle at Sea in Pulse. Magician Debbie Leifer performed mostly card tricks. We had a light turnout at table 102 with several of our group dining in Prego.

The Cruise Critic Meet and Mingle was held in Palm Court between dinner seatings. There were about 20 members present and we were joined by Cruise Director Rick Spath, Hotel Director Josef Lumitzberger, Paula Jean Pfitzer, Food and Beverage Manager Typhoon, and the Activities Hostess.

The evening entertainment was the Crystal Ensemble of Singers and Dancers in Curtain Call. I believe this is the only show that is done on both ships. It was performed on the Symphony my last night on the ship but I skipped it in favor of packing. I have seen Curtain Call twice on the Symphony in the last 4 months but I enjoyed seeing it with a new to me cast.

Today’s parting shot is a wish for a wonderful feast of Purim for those who observe it.


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