Day 4, Thursday, February 27, Fly to Bali, Indonesia

The Crystal Symphony is in Bali, Indonesia, where it will remain until I board. The Crystal Serenity is in Chan May, Vietnam. The MS Amsterdam is at sea from Yap, Micronesia to Manila, Philippines.

A comment on wordpress indicated that Northern Virginia schools were closed due to school (not sure if it was Tue, or Wed), but I’m now even more thankful that I got away on Monday.

I’m not sure if it’s a matter of adjusting to the time change but I haven’t been able to sleep past 3AM. I got up a little before 5, and went out for a walk about 6:45 hoping to catch a sunrise. It’s been very hazy, with air quality rivaling Beijing (a newspaper story this morning blamed the situation on pollution drifting over from China). While low in the sky, the sun peeked ever so faintly through the haze over an apartment; my camera had difficulty finding it. My walk was in a park across the street from the hotel, and I returned about 8 and got breakfast. I had seen a downtown store yesterday I wanted to check out, and walked down there only to find they didn’t open until 10. The Grand Hyatt sits on a hill and my return walk rivaled yesterday’s return from the tunnel. I did a bit of luggage consolidation and managed to replace my green Rick Steves large carryon with a small daypack. The green bag was lightly loaded and the stuff inside flopped around awkwardly. I hope the smaller bag will be easier to manage (it was).

I left my room about 12:45. Checkout took a bit on the long side and it turned out I was very close to the 12:55 bus to the airport. The bellman went running to the bus stop and I was a bit slower but not far behind. The driver was just about to close the luggage department door when the bellman stopped him. I settled back for the roughly 1-hour ride to the airport. On nt Wednesday DMZ tour I did not see a lot of Seoul, but did recognize the National Assembly building. When I checked in the clerk told me there were 2 babies in my row and I moved back to the last row of business. It looked like a good move for everybody as the family got adjoining seats including mine. The section was 3 rows of 6 seats each, and 4 of the seats were vacant, including the one next to me. Across the aisle from me was a couple boarding the Symphony for 6 weeks.

Dinner was served soon after takeoff and then I configured the seat as a bed, and got at least a couple hours of sleep. We arrived at the gate about 12:05am, and then the trio of visa purchase, immigration, and customs. The Aston Kuta resort was probably a 10-minute taxi ride. I was finally in bed about 1:25, with a 2 room suite and very narrow balcony.

Today’s parting shot will be more of a question. Seeing a fair amount of water around Seoul, I did a bit of checking and found there is a cruise port in Inchon. My initial look at cruisetimetables showed port calls from Oceania and Regent. My initial reaction was that the port was too small for Crystal and HAL ships, but then to my surprise next were Princess and Royal Caribbean, but still no Crystal, HAL, or Cunard. Does anyone know of any of those ships actually visiting Inchon? Just wondering.


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